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Let Me Game in Peace
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1164 – Bad News laugh fairies
It was extremely hard for the Sheng. During an existence-and-loss of life problem, he would neat him or her self up thoroughly. He wouldn’t be so even if the heavens collapsed.
“Yes, nevertheless they didn’t see any person,” An Tianzuo claimed.
“Young Learn Wen, go to Netherworld Metropolis with Overseer. You can deal with each other well,” An Sheng reported.
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In the heart of the night, an critical communication was added onto An Tianzuo’s workdesk. An Tianzuo study it repeatedly with a weighty manifestation.
“Stop acting. A reincarnator is a person who has lived once and returned to your past. Youthful Excel at Wen, you happen to be reincarnator, ideal? Do not fret, I won’t inform anyone,” An Sheng mentioned.
“There’s indeed no one. It is as if they vanished into very thin atmosphere,” An Tianzuo stated while he withstood up and claimed calmly, “Make plans. I’m likely to Netherworld City. Also, do not inform An Jing concerning this.”
“Stop acting. A reincarnator is someone who has lived once and sent back to your earlier. Younger Learn Wen, you are a reincarnator, right? Do not worry, I won’t notify any one,” An Sheng mentioned.
“But…” An Sheng wished to say one thing, but he was disrupted by An Tianzuo.
“His surname isn’t An, neither is he my mother’s son. He has no responsibility to chance his life for individuals,” An Tianzuo explained.
Could it be that the Sheng has identified the key in the cell phone?
“It’s just a joke. Fresh Become an expert in Wen, never be mad!” An Sheng chased just after him. He was indeed joking. How could there be reincarnators nowadays? However, Zhou Wen’s past was indeed similar to a bug in activities.
Let Me Game in Peace
“But…” An Sheng desired to say a thing, but he was disturbed by An Tianzuo.
“Young Expert Wen, head to Netherworld Metropolis with Overseer. You are able to handle the other,” An Sheng explained.
“There’s indeed not one person. It is as though they vanished into slim oxygen,” An Tianzuo explained while he withstood up and explained calmly, “Make preparations. I’m going to Netherworld Location. Also, don’t tell An Jing in regards to this.”
In the middle of the evening, an immediate communication was positioned on An Tianzuo’s workspace. An Tianzuo examine it over and over which has a weighty manifestation.
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Ouyang Lan and company got prolonged found out the problem in Netherworld City. Regardless if people were forced to type in, they ought to happen to be in a position to appear.
“What have I finished that looked prescient?” Zhou Wen was confused.
“Young Master Wen, check out Netherworld City with Overseer. You may take care of the other person,” An Sheng reported.
Now that they were nowhere to become found—either dead or alive—Zhou Wen thought of a frightening opportunity.
As she muttered to herself, Tsukuyomi changed in her phone and looked at Zhou Wen’s multitude in the chat application. Right after simply clicking it opened, she entered some words and phrases. Then, ostensibly discovering it poor, she removed them and authored some words before removing them just as before.
“Young Grasp Wen is familiar with Netherworld Metropolis exceptionally well. If he journeys around, the chances of rescuing Madam will be a lot higher,” An Sheng explained.
Even if they couldn’t turn out, it was actually unattainable that they would expire so speedily.
Can it be that they seasoned every one of the punishments and found the true Netherworld?
He recalled very clearly what Town Lord Netherworld experienced explained. The Netherworld Town he saw wasn’t the important Netherworld Area. Only by having to deal with the many punishments could one enter the real Netherworld.
This is extremely difficult for any Sheng. In a life-and-death problem, he would tidy him self up thoroughly. He wouldn’t be so fl.u.s.tered even if your sky collapsed.
Actually, Zhou Wen couldn’t describe it. Thinking about it, he really did appear like a f*cking reincarnator.
“His surname isn’t An, nor is he my mother’s child. He has no burden to possibility his life for many people,” An Tianzuo reported.
“That’s not possible. Madam and also the rest already are very familiar with the circumstance in Netherworld Community. Whether or not these folks were instructed to key in, it is impossible so they can kick the bucket in such a simple amount of time…” An Sheng said in disbelief.
“Yes.” An Sheng could only depart to get ready.
The truth is, Zhou Wen couldn’t talk about it. Thinking about it, he really have be like a f*cking reincarnator.
“Overseer, do something really happen in Netherworld City?” An Sheng hurried over right away without his outfits.
This has been just about impossible for An Sheng. In a life-and-loss of life condition, he would neat themself up carefully. He wouldn’t be so fl.u.s.tered even if the sky collapsed.
“His surname isn’t An, neither is he my mother’s boy. They have no requirement to danger his life for individuals,” An Tianzuo mentioned.

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